Horse & Country US is excited to announce a new series to the channel, which sees internationally recognised trainer Tristan Tucker share his TRT methods.

Coping techniques

The TRT method was designed by Tristan — who calls himself a “dressage cowboy” — to mentally train horses to cope in our human environment, at home and at horse shows. It can help solve common problems such as spookiness and tension, separation anxiety and trailer loading.

Tristan has travelled all around the world demonstrating his technique, which is used by many top dressage riders. However, as Tristan explains, the TRT method is for every horse and rider, whether you’re just starting out, or competing at grand prix level.

“My message is that every horse can be confident and relaxed,” he said. “It just takes the right training.”

Natural instincts

Tristan Tucker: The TRT Method sees Tristan working at home with a range of horses, who are brought to him with behavioural or training problems.

In episode one we meet Flynn, whose rider suffered a stroke, leaving her paralysed. After eight months of rehabilitation she is now walking and riding again, but ongoing balance issues means she needs Flynn as relaxed and steady as possible.

Tristan works with Flynn on the ground, teaching him how to cope when presented with something new in his environment. By helping him make a good decision the horse feels relaxed and in control – rather than relying on his natural instincts to run away.

TRT method

Tristan was born in the south-west of the UK in Cornwall, but emigrated to Australia with his parents when he was very young. He grew up around horses and always wanted to work with them, starting his career riding racehorses and driving trotting horses.

He returned to Europe in 1999 where he met his long-time trainer Morten Thomsen, who introduced him to dressage and inspired the creation of his TRT method. On his return to Australia he began his own business, starting and backing up to 100 horses a year.

Tristan moved back to Europe in 2009 to work for Morten to focus on his goals as a dressage rider. He now has his own stable in the Netherlands, where he trains horses and riders from novice level up to grand prix.

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