Horse & Country has a new addition to its popular Masterclass Xtra series, with British international dressage rider Dan Sherriff taking up the reins.

Respected trainer

As well as a successful competitor, Dan is a respected trainer, having produced all of his horses from youngsters and many of them up to to grand prix level.

Dan started riding at a young age and was a keen member of the Enfield Chace Pony Club, where he took part in all equestrian activities, with great success.

It was when he won the British Dressage talent spotting competition in 1986 that he decided dressage would be his chosen discipline.

Real inspiration

His early success in Pony Club can be attributed to his ability to interpret the feel and feedback from a horse. This ability has grown over the years and enabled him to train some very successful horse and rider combinations.

Dan shares his years of experience in our latest Masterclass Xtra, which seems him work with a very promising — and challenging — young horse. Dan addresses the problem of the horse becoming short in the neck and overbent, due to tension.

Watching how gets the best of his horse is a real inspiration, so this class is one you won’t want to miss!

Don’t miss Masterclass Xtra Series 3: Dan Sherriff when it premieres on Thursday July 5 at 9pm EST on Horse & Country.