The Ride returns to Horse & Country in September, with another heart-stopping series as Barry Armitage and Joe Dawson take part in the legendary Mongol Derby.

World’s toughest race

The world’s toughest horse race is based on Genghis Khan’s ancient postal system. It is 1000km long, with no roads or tracks to follow and the route is a closely guarded secret until the day before the start.

Race Across the Steppe follows Barry and Joe as they take part in this epic race, against the world’s elite equine adventurers.

The horses for the race are descendants of those that carried the Mongol warriors into battle. These small, but strong steeds belong to local nomadic families living along the route.

They complete one 40km stage, before being swapped out for a fresh horse waiting at the next horse station.

Extreme environment

Barry and Joe are no strangers to hectic, historic rides, having ridden 950km across South Africa in just 10 days in their last series, Ride of the Peacemaker. However, this time they are racing in real-time, rather than the timetable of man who died more than 170 years ago.

Can they push themselves to win in this extreme environment against some of the best endurance riders in the world, while filming another thrilling series?

Episode one of The Ride: Race Across the Steppe premieres on Thursday September 20 at 9pm EST so be sure to sign up to Horse & Country in plenty of time!