The 2018 World Equestrian Games are officially underway and you can watch all the action on Horse and Country.

Here is the list of all the Team USA members competing in Tryon.


  • Laura Kraut with Zeremonie
  • Devin Ryan with Eddie Blue
  • Adrienne Sternlicht with Cristalline
  • McLain Ward with Clinta


  • Laura Graves with Verdades
  • Adrienne Lyle with Salvino
  • Kasey Perry-Glass with Goerklingtgaards Dublet
  • Steffen Peters with Suppenkasper


  • Gwen Hall with AM Mysterious Mopsa
  • Cameron Holzer with SizeDoesntMatter
  • Kelsey Russell with Fireman Gold
  • Cheryl Van Deusen with DM Michaelangelo


  • Casey Deary with Heavy Duty Chex
  • Dan Huss with Ms Dreamy
  • Jordan Larson with ARC Gunnabeabigstar
  • Cade McCutcheon with Custom Made Gun


  • Will Coleman with Tight Lines
  • Phillip Dutton with Z
  • Boyd Martin with Tsetserleg
  • Lauren Kieffer with Vermiculus
  • Lynn Symansky with Donner

Para Dressage

  • Rebecca Hart with El Corona Texel
  • Angela Peavy with Royal Dark Chocolate
  • Kate Shoemaker with Solitaer
  • Roxanne Trunnell with Dolton


  • Tessa Divita with Pino Del Rio
  • Mary McCormick with Paris
  • Elizabeth Osborn with Atterupgaards Sting


  • Jacob Arnold with Uminco
  • Donna Cookston with Viktor
  • Jennifer “Nifty” Hamilton with Makari DesignTeam

WEG 2018: Daily Review

We are showing daily one-hour highlight shows throughout the Games. In addition, we have coverage of all Olympic and non-Olympic events.

Our WEG 2018: Daily Review show starts on September 13 at 5pm and will go out every day throughout the Games.

In addition you can watch:

Dressage: Thursday September 20 at 9:30pm

Dressage GP Special: Friday September 21 at 9:30pm

Endurance: Friday September at 21 10:30pm

Dressage GP Freestyle: Saturday September 22 at 9:30pm

Reining: Saturday September 22 at 10:30pm

Eventing: Tuesday September 25 at 8pm

Team jumping: Saturday September 29 at 8pm

Para-Dressage: Monday 1 October at 8pm

Vaulting: Monday October 1 at 8:30pm

Driving: Tuesday October 2 at 7:30pm

Jumping (individual): Tuesday October 2 at 8pm

LIVE coverage of WEG 2018 is available on the networks of NBC Sports. Go to for schedules.

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