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Top national and international sports coverage, training, welfare, and exclusive behind the scenes shows are all on offer on Horse & Country TV, the go-to place for the passionate audience for equestrian sports and lifestyle.

30 hours of new content every month ensure our schedule of programmes stays fresh and relevant. H&C TV is available in all 11 million Sky homes in the UK and Republic of Ireland, and also on H&C Play, our online and app-based service.

Sports: Showjumping, Eventing, Dressage, Other Sports
Behind the Scenes and Personalities: Rudall Rides With…, Rudall's Round Up, The H&C All Stars, Yard Talk

Training & Welfare: H&C Masterclass, Vet Essentials, Parelli, Monty Roberts
Lifestyle: Dogs, Documentaries, Country Life, Farming

Advertising on H&C

You want everyone to see your great new video ad.  With a top rate per 30-second spot of just £24 on H&C TV, you can play it enough times to ensure it's seen by the majority of our viewers. For the same investment as a full page in one of the leading equestrian magazines, you can run your ad six times a day on H&C for two weeks. More favourable pricing applies for higher levels of investment, to make your budget go even further.

Below you'll find our rates per 30-second spot at various levels of investment. For those of you who sell in international markets, we've included rates for our channels in The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Australia.

H&C TV UK/ROI & The Netherlands
H&C TV Sweden, Germany & Australia
Annual Spend Rate per 30" Spot Rate per 30" Spot
£40,000 + £17.00 £8.50
£30,000 – £39,999 £18.00 £9.00
£20,000 – £29,999 £20.00 £10.00
£10,000 – £19,999 £22.00 £11.00
< £9,999 £24.00 £12.00

The structure of your campaign depends on your objectives. Two new clothing or footwear ranges to launch this year?  Run a heavyweight burst of advertising in the spring and again in the autumn. Customers renewing their insurance premiums all year round?  Why not opt for a lower weight "drip" campaign to remind your customers and prospects you're always there for them…

Whatever your needs, our team can advise and help you make the most effective use of your budget. We also have a roster of trusted production partners who can produce great ads at budget levels that make sense for the equestrian sector. So why not join all these great brands and many others besides and put the power of TV to work for your business?

Ariat, Equipe, Rolex, Charles Owen, Weatherbeeta, Boehringer Ingelheim, Pikeur, Viovet, Mountain Horse, NAF, Animaife, Blenhaim Palace International Horse Trials

Other Opportunities

There are many other ways to reach H&C's audience besides spot advertising. Here are some of the most popular.


All our programmes are available for sponsorship. Sponsor international or national events to reach riders from a specific discipline, or if you want to associate your brand with expertise and excellence, our H&C Masterclass series could be the perfect opportunity.

We can produce your sponsorship credit in-house at no additional cost. Find out more in our separate Sponsorship brochure or talk to our team, who will point you in the right direction.

Product Placement

Research shows product placement boosts both awareness and consideration and that positive feelings towards the show can rub off on featured brands. In our Blue Chip All Star Academy series all of these brands took product placement positions and benefited not just from the show itself but also from the extensive publicity and promotion that made it one of H&C's most popular series ever.

Blue Chip, Albion, Point Two Air Jackets, Absorbine, Euro-star, One-k Helmets, Horze, Easibed, KBF99, Bucas


Vet Essentials: Laminitis

Advertiser Funded Programmes are created to complement your own marketing communications. Whilst they can't feature product promotion, they're a great way to build awareness and link your brand to specific ideas. We've worked with the BEF on Grassroots Dreams, a show that helped drive their participation agenda. With Boehringer Ingelheim and Zoetis we produced Vet Essentials, featuring specific conditions that their products treat. Talk to our team if there's a type of programme you’d like to see on screen.


As many people as watch H&C on TV also visit our website and social media, or watch us online. H&C offers banner and MPU advertising, pre-roll video, website takeovers, newsletter placements and more besides.

WeatherBeeta's campaign integrated heavyweight TV with a full range of digital activity for maximum amplification.

Weather. Beaten. Hugology™ from weatherbeeta.co.uk

Our Audience

H&C TV offers the best of both worlds: the reach and impact of television, the world's most powerful brand and business-building advertising medium, allied to a highly targeted audience you can be sure are interested in your products.

Here are some of the key findings from our latest viewer survey:

93% female, 7% male
56% Age 26-54
86% own a horse, 47% own two or more horses
83% ride, 18% ride every day
56% compete
56% own a horse box or trailer
78% spend 10hrs+ per week at the yard, 21% spend 30hrs+ per week at the yard
44% spend £200 - £500 each month on their main horse, 10% spend £500+
790,000 people watch H&C every quarter*
*Source: BARB
14% watch H&C every day, 66% watch at least once a week

We have lots more data on what equestrian products our viewers buy and how they buy them. Get in touch with our sales team for more information.

All other data from H&C 2016 Viewer Survey (912 respondents).

H&C is available on the following platforms:


Average quarterly reach in 2016: 796,000 (UK only)

  • Sky Channel 253
  • Amazon Video
  • H&C Play™

The Netherlands

Average monthly reach last 6 months: 404,000

  • Ziggo Kanaal 136
  • Caiway Kanaal 136
  • Delta Kanaal 121
  • Kabelnoord Kanaal 259
  • Solcon Kanaal 130
  • CAI Harderwijk Kanaal 143
  • Kabelnet Veendam Kanaal 80
  • Stipte Kanaal 292
  • Fiber Kanaal 292
  • Vodafone Kanaal 292
  • Sparql Kanaal 307
  • Online.nl Kanaal 389
  • Kabeltex Kanaal 204
  • KNIPPR/T-Mobile à la carte
  • H&C Play™


  • Com Hem Channel 67
  • Boxer TV Access Channel 31
  • Sappa Channel 54
  • IP Sweden
  • Sydantenn
  • Canal Digital Channel 29
  • H&C Play™


  • Amazon Video


  • Fetch TV
  • H&C Play™

You can find H&C TV online here:

H&C TV is also on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter.

Advertiser Showreel

More and more companies in the equestrian sector are discovering just how effective TV advertising can be. Here’s some examples of advertising currently running on the channel.

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